Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is great because it remains stable at room temperature, which our hands love when it comes to eating chocolate. However we just don’t believe it is necessary to add any extra to our chocolate. It would almost be counter-productive for us to add more cocoa butter with all the hard-work we put into handcrafting chocolate straight from the bean. We want you to taste the flavor of the bean and subtle notes of fruit that we like to highlight with light to medium roasts. Cocoa beans naturally contain cocoa butter to varying degrees. Cocoa butter typically comes in two options: deodorized (no-flavor) or non-deodorized (chocolate flavor). This is where I diverge from many chocolatiers that believe it is ok to mix and match cacao products (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, and etc. ) from multiple origins to create something called chocolate. It is difficult to nearly impossible to source single origin cocoa butter, unless you have a hydraulic press. There are only a handful of chocolate makers pressing their own cocoa butter, due to the high costs involved. We will likely invest in a machine down the road, but for now our goal is to simply strip down our chocolate and expose what is beneath the skin.