Morning Ritual

My perfect way to greet the day is with a cup of coffee. But not just any cup of coffee. Through trial and error I have learned how to create one of the most nutritious and cognitively stimulating meals.The first ingredient is coffee. It has numerous benefits, but not all coffee is created equal as I have unfortunately come to learn (disclaimer: I am a coffee snob). I will explore coffee more in-depth in a future blog. In a nutshell, look for single-origin and beans that are as close to fully washed as possible. I prefer to roast my own beans, which anyone can do with nothing more than a popcorn popper. Its a great way to learn about coffee, flavor, and how important roasting is to a great cup of coffee.  I typically make espresso in an italian made stove top pot called the Moka pot. I also prefer pour over coffee, but I don’t always have the time in the morning. Next, I add raw cacao powder (a vasoconstrictor) to mitigate the vasoconstriction affect coffee has on blood vessels in the body. Again, not all cacao is created equal. You want to primarily look for non-alkali powder that has been processed at very low temperatures. Origin, species (criollo, forastero, trinitario), fermentation, and roasting have a big impact on quality and flavor (more to come in a future blog). Lastly, I add a little brain stimulating healthy fats, typically medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) or grass-fed butter. I prefer to use a concentrated form of coconut oil called MCT oil (note: it takes a little getting used to). I don’t add any sweeteners, but I do sometimes make it more of a latte with the addition of almond milk or coconut milk (not the condensed version).

Best source of green coffee beans: Lost Dutchman Coffee Co. located in Tempe, AZ or Sweet Maria’s online.

Brazen Coffee:

1 part espresso/coffee

1 (tbsp) cacao powder (or a few squares of our 100% chocolate bar – bonus is additional healthy fats)

1/2 – 1 (tbsp) MCT oil (start low)

Almond or coconut milk to taste