Cacao (Cocoa) Pricing & Trading in the Markets

Cocoa futures and options are traded on two exchanges:  ICE Futures U.S. (ICE) exchange and London NYSE-LIFFE exchange


Trading Symbol : CC

Contract Size: 10 metric tons (20,000 lbs)

Price Quotation: US dollars per metric tons

Daily Price Limit: None

Minimum Price Movement: $1.00/metric ton, equivalent to $10 per contract

Contract Listings: March, May, July, September, December

Deliverable Growths: The growth of any country or clime, including new or yet unknown growths. Growths are divided into three classifications. Group A-Deliverable at a premium of $160/ton (including main crops of Ghana, Lome, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone). Group B-Deliverable at a premium of $80/ton (includes Bahia, Arriba, Venezuela,Sanchez among others). Group C-Deliverable at par (includes Haiti, Malaysia and all others)

Cocoa Grading: US Cocoa Grading Metrics

Settlement: Physical Delivery

Delivery Points: At licensed warehouses in the Port of New York District, Delaware River Port District, Port of Hampton Roads, Port of Albany or Port of Baltimore


Trading Symbol: C

Contract Size: 10 metric tons (20,000 lbs)

Price Quotation: Pounds Sterling per tonne

Minimum Price Movement: £1 per tonne (£10)

Contract Listings: March, May, July, September, December

Origins Tenderable: Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire), Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Grenada Fine Estates, Jamaica, Nigeria, Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Sierra Leone, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago Plantation, Western Samoa at contract price. All other origins tenderable at set discounts

Cocoa Grading: LONDON Cocoa Grading Metrics & Cocoa Waste Specifications

Warehouses: Exchange Nominated Warehouse in a delivery area which is, in the Board’s opinion, in or sufficiently close to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Felixstowe, Hamburg, Humberside, Le Havre, Liverpool, London, Rotterdam or Teesside (warehouse locations include locations in New Orleans & New York)