Arizona Craft Chocolate

Can you find local craft chocolate in Arizona? Tree-to-bar, Bean-to-bar, Seed-to-bar, Farm-to-bar? Yes. Phoenix and Sedona are at the top of the list. We surprisingly have a handful of artisans spread throughout the state. I will make every attempt to keep this list up-to-date, but I will also need your help, so feel free to email me for anyone I might be missing.


  1. Stone Grindz: First authentic artisan chocolate maker in Phoenix that stone grinds all their chocolate in-house
    • Origins: Ecuador (Camino Verde– company verifies heirloom genetics of cacao plants)
    • Organic and raw ingredients
  2. Nutwhats: Established confectioner since 1999 focusing on nut confections and single origin bean-to bar-chocolate
    • Origins: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Venezuela
  3. Wei of Chocolate: Established chocolatier since 2007 that infuses flower essences into chocolate
    • Organic, gluten-free, GMO free, soy free, dairy free, fair trade, and vegan
    • Kudos for listing their “green policy” on their website
  4. bNaked: Established confectionist that crafts truffles and macaroons.
    • Perfect fuel for athletes
  5. Julia Baker: Established chocolatier that produces high-end luxury confections.
    • Sample chocolate in their cafe and wine bar
  6. BeeHive Chocolates: This is the newest chocolatier/chocolate maker to the Phoenix scene.
    • Focuses predominantly on confections using local honey (save the bees!)
    • Just starting to handcraft single-origin chocolate bars: Trinidad (amazing) & Ecuador cacao.


  1. Chocofin Chocolatier: Established chocolatier focused on gourmet confections


The following companies are all based out of the same location: Chocola Tree

  1. LuLu’s Chocolate: Raw chocolate bars with chocolate sourced from Ecuador via Pacari
  2. Fortina Exotic Living Chocolates: Raw truffles sweetened with honey
  3. Sedona Chocolate Superfoods: Stone ground cacao with raw, organic, and fair trade ingredients


  1. Untamed Confections: Confectionist focused on crafting caramels and chocolate with local ingredients
  2. Chocolate Spirited Artisan Chocolate: Chocolatier that offers truffles, bark, caramels, and hot cocoa