Our goal is to build and nurture a strong community that supports locally made bean-to-bar chocolate in Arizona.



Arizona is historically know for it’s 5 C’s: Cotton, Copper, Cattle, Citrus, and Climate. Our mission is add another C: Chocolate.



We believe that great chocolate starts first and foremost with only the finest beans. We meticulously research and analyze each farm we select. We look at the following characteristics: origin, elevation, climate, methodologies, and certifications. Our goal is to make all of this information transparent to our customers. We want to educate the consumer on how each of these factors affect the bean and ultimately the taste.

The next most important difference is we process all our chocolate in-house in the USA. We are serious about quality and feel this is the best way to control variables. First, we start with raw cacao beans and hand-pick only the best beans. Next, we select just the right roast profile to highlight whats inside the beans. From here, we stone grind the beans for days to produce a smooth chocolate liquor. Many might call it quits after conching, but we go farther and age our chocolate. We sometimes keep it simple or have fun and infuse our chocolate with herbs, flowers, or spices. This is our way of avoiding crafting average chocolate.

Lastly, we follow our folly and let imagination and innovation run rampant. We love to experiment and create newfangled products that challenge our ideas about chocolate.